GTA Aviary - Toronto Area Parrot Breeder

Parrots are the only pets that can actually say "I Love You"

Please do not release exotic birds into outdoors - they will not survive

Here at GTA Aviary, we have space for a few rescue or unwanted birds that you may have.  We care for all our birds, and can provide good care for the birds that you can no longer care for yourself.

You can feel confident that we will adopt your bird, help to rehabilitate unwanted/abused birds and even help place your bird in a new suitable home. We offer a free pick up if needed.

We try to prevent birds being pushed around from one home to another or being released outdoors.

Please do not hesitate to call/email!  Everything is done in complete confidentiality. 

If you know of any birds being abused or needing to be rescued because they can no longer be cared for properly, Please contact us A.S.A.P. 416 803 8808.



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