GTA Aviary - Toronto Area Parrot Breeder

Parrots are the only pets that can actually say "I Love You"

Our introduction to Birds

My passion for birds started in early teens when I got into raising pigeons. It wasn't that difficult since i was growing up on a farm.

In 1991, after completing my education in Forest Management i have migrated to Canada when I started my family in next few years. After settling in, my passion for birds was revived.

My first Parrots in Canada were a couple of parent raised baby Yellowsided Green Cheek Conures which i started taming  immediately. Learning about them and their personalities led me to collecting a few pairs of Red factor Yellowsided and Pineapple, also Cinnamon and Turquoise producing Green Cheek Conures. Until now Green Cheek Conure mutations are my main interest, spreading into Turquoise Yellowsided, Cinnamon and Pineapple. We have just started working with first in Canada Dilutes and Jades and their mutations like suncheek, mint and so on.

From the first Greencheeks our interest grew to Pacific Parrotlets in all different colors (green, yellow, blue, fallow, white and pastels), Senegal Parrots,  Meyers Parrots, Blue Crown Conures, Nanday Conures, Crimson Bellied Conures, Sun Conures, Painted Conures,  Rosifron Conures, White Eared Conures, Black Cap Conures, Fiery Shouldered Conures, Rose Crowned Conures, almost all possible mutations of Indian Ringnecks(Violets, Cobalts, Turquoise, Buttercap, Clear Tails, Opaline and Sufffused), Affrican Grays, Cockatoos, Crimson and Eastern Rosellas, Cockatiels, color varieties of Linnies (Lineolated Parrakeets) and constantly growing.




What we specialize in?

We are registered breeders and members of Aviculture Advancement Council of Canada

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We offer wide range of hand tame babies and adults as well as breeder Parrots from as small as Parrotlets trough Splendid Grass Parakets, Liniolated Parakeets (Linnies), trough Conures, Cockatiels, Rosellas, Indian Ringnecks, Senegals, to Amazons, Cockatoos, African Grays and Macaws. We also breed California Valley and Button Quails. We can possibly supply birds as hard to find in Canada by color or species as  Violet clear head or cleartail Indian Ringneck, Lutino or Albino Quakers, all locally bred from Canadian stock. Please don't hesitate to ask for any not listed birds that you may be looking for as we have a network of Breeders in Canada.

Our aviary is centrally located both in Canada and in Ontario, in City of Brampton, minutes From Toronto and its Airport.

We offer birds for pick up, local delivery or shipping with in Canada at buyers expense. Please contact us about waiting lists and how to enroll for particular species of parrots.


RESCUE - We offer similar service as Humane Society or Bird Rescue Center except that we offer bird experienced care and do not put the birds down.  

Do you have a bird that didn't work out well as a pet?... Is too noisy, and cant be kept in the apartment? Are you moving and can't take your bird with you or it cant be a pet anymore because it bites?  We offer a loving home or will find a loving home for it. Do not release your pets outdoors - they will not survive. Please don't hesitate to contact us.